About Parmarth

since 2015

Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless.

Small group of thoughtfull people can change the world and indeed optimism is the faith that leads to achievements."
Welcome to the Parmarth, the social club of Institute of Engineering and Technology Lucknow (popularly known as IET Lucknow). It aims in upbringing positive change in a section of society which is often neglected or least cared about. A sufficiently large section of people of metropolitan cities reside in slums who are of least priority in our day to day busy schedule. Children residing in slums roam here and there and finally fell into deep well of illiteracy, unemployment, below average living standards, pitifulness and misery. As it is said, Children are future of nation, but we often tend to neglect a major portion of that future which never seemed so bright. At Parmarth, we put an effort against same. Children are like earthen pots that can be molded easily with a tool called education. Education has all the capabilities to change one�s future. So, we at Parmarth try to shape some of them using this tool.


Journey of Club started in 2015. Back in those times, their was a huge amount of child beggars on the college road and college chauraha. Those little beggars use to beg for little food or some money. Such children can be seen everywhere but are not often noticed. Some golden heart IETians noticed that childhood which is begging and crying for food. They can either have given some money or some food, but it will never be able to make any difference in their lives. To create a positive difference in their lives, they thought of imparting education because they know well that education is the only tool that can shape lives. For a start, beggar's event was organised for motivating little beggars and creating an interest for study. It was a 4 day long event in which children were both fed and taught. On subsequent days of event amount of food decreased and amount of teaching increased. Once, children developed interest, volunteers started to teach them in their slums. Seeing dedication of volunteers, college allowed us to teach those children in college premises.

This Day & Age

Today, club is well structured and follows college hierarchy. More than 200 volunteers from all the streams and courses are associated with the club every year. Nearly 150 children visit us in evening on a regular basis for their education. Imparting regular education to them is now termed as LT teaching. Beside this we work with 3 more wings, namely Girls Education wing, Schooling wing and Social Service wing.
In Girls Education wing, we educate teenage girl and women of slums in their slum. Girl volunteers of club visit them on a daily basis and impart social, sociological and behavioural knowledge along with elementary education.
In schooling wing, we admit children in private schools through Right to Education Act. We work on all fronts of admission i.e pre admission, admission and post admission. Pre admission include doing survey, collecting documents and filling of forms. Admission include admitting them in schools and providing financial help if needed. Post admission include their regular monitoring. Till date we have admitted more than 120 slum children in private schools through RTE.
In Social service wing, we do a lot on social front for upgrading life of slum dwellers and creating a positive change in society. Certain events are organised regularly to serve the purpose such as cleanliness event, cloth distribution event, blood donation event, medical camps etc.
Parmarth with all its four wings is always dedicated to make a positive difference in lives. Little we have walked and there are miles to go. Maybe someday world will be a better place for all, and what it demands is a little humanity from us, from you and from everyone else.

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Happiness doesn’t result from what we get, but from what we give.

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As we lose ourselves in the service of others, we discover our own lives and our own happiness.

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