There are countless efforts and numerous helping hands which collectively works to make an event successful. Event Can Be Of Single Day Or Even Of Single Hour, But Its Preparation Involves Certainly More Days And Nights. A lot can be explored and modus operandi can be visualised of an event, if we discuss the things that have been done to shape the final appearance of it. We at परमार्थ also organise some events that earns a lot of appreciation, but its modus operandi and offstage work is least discussed. So, we are introducing a series of 5 episodes "PARMARTH OFFstage" to tell you about the backstage works of an event in a engaging way. We will discuss the modus operandi of that event, the preparations that are required, the difficulties that are faced, the photographs from backstage and much more which finally shapes that event. We will do it on each 5 following Thursdays at sharp 8:00 PM. On each Thursday, we will have a offstage view of an event. So stay tuned with us for the offstage experience and also stay connected with us by leaving your valuable feedbacks and suggestions in our mail box at

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The offstage story of:

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