We can be a better version of ourselves if we start feeling pain of others and develop a helping trait in our personality. To achieve the same, we organized a trip of our volunteers to Lucknow Jeevashraya, so that they can observe, how beautiful it feels by helping others

Lucknow Zoo

Lucknow zoo is a must place to visit here. It is much rich in its diversity and give a vast exploration of various kinds of animals and plants. A trip of our girl students of girl Education unit ‘Pooja’ was organized there, where they learnt a lot about various species co-existing with us.

Science City

Science City is a one stop place in Lucknow to get amazed by beautiful science around us. We organized an educational visit of our students there. Kids explored and learnt many miracles of science and technology in a very illustrious and fun way. Special science shows were also arranged for them.

Kalam Centre- AKTU campus

With help of respected wife of Vice Chancellor Sir of AKTU, we organized a trip of our students to Kalam Centre. Children saw Visuals related to moral & intellectual Values in the Conference Room of the university campus. Also, they explored Digital Library of AKTU and observed idol of the great scientists.

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