Books donation by Mr. and Mrs. Hasu Jotwani

One fine day, a neighborhood elderly couple observed volunteers bringing children for LT classes. They not only appreciated but also joined their helping hands with us. They often visit us in LT and every time they have something for kids. On their last visit they donated- English-20 books Social Science-18 books Hindi-20 books Math-19 books

New Clothes

Getting new clothes is no less then a dream for little slum dwellers. Beside used clothes that are distributed in our cloth distribution event मुस्कान, following contributors have donated new clothes to the kids. 1. First women of AKTU- Wife of respected VC sir 2. Mr. Anand Kumar Pathak- Civil 2019 batch 3. Miss Rashi- Civil 2019 batch

School Bags

occasion of Republic Day, honourable alumni of 1988 batch- Mr. Anjani kumar Srivastava donated school bags to each child of परमार्थ. Prominent personalities that were present there for the event includes Director Sir and his wife, Dean of Student welfare and his wife, V.K singh sir- faculty advisor 2017-19 and Anjani Sir himself.

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