Cleanliness event

Cleanliness event in Mohibullapur slum was organised where volunteers themselves cleaned the slum and also motivated slum dwellers to maintain cleanliness throughout the year. Along with cleanliness, plantation was also done in the slum. Event ended with promise of slum dwellers for keeping slum clean and green

Foundation Event 'Udgam'

Fourth foundation day of the club was celebrated with whole zeal and zest. Fun activities, several quizzes, fun games,drawing competitions and a lot more exciting activities were organized for little ones. Day was marked by cutting anniversary cake. Refreshments were also distributed among children to share the joy.

Independence Day

Day was celebrated with all the bright colours of patriotism. In morning, National Flag was hoisted in the slum and volunteers along with slum dwellers sung the national anthem. A beautiful eve decorated with tri colours of patriotism was organised thereafter where small performances, cultural songs, dances, speeches and arts were made. Event ended with distribution of sweets and snacks.

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