Health conditions are improving world wide, but the poors are still suffering mainly due to lack of knowledge and poor medical infrastructure of our country. So, beside of our regular medical camps, we also provide immediate medical helps for people in need, who either can't afford it or can't deal with it. Sometime it requires a lot of fund, so a section in website is created for raising the same, which will be especially utilised for providing medical helps. Latest medical helps that were provided to slum dwellers are-


Aakash is a 13 year boy residing in Mohibullapur slum. On a terrible evening, he got severe burns due to electric shock while playing. More than 60 percent of his body got burnt. His parents were not able to afford hospital fee, so, everything from syringe to hospital bed was arranged by the club. All thanks to almighty God that he is now much fine and out of danger.

Mrs. Hardai

She is mother of a girl student of our Girls Education wing. She age nearly 60 years and had a back problem from several years. Their family has no male member and they have a very small shop for living, which is not even sufficient for living. Day by day her back pain got severe and finally we have to take her to hospital for checkups. Several tests were done and medications were provided. She is now in much relief but she has to still continue with medicines.


He is a 5 year child residing in Shankarpur. He was having fever from several days and paracetamol stopped working. When it got in our knowledge, we immediately admitted him to hospital. Later it was discovered that he is having Encephalitis (dimagi bukhar). He was admitted for many days and it is a sigh of relief that he is all good now.

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