Consummating the Inconceivable

" Education is the most powerful weapon that can be used to change the world ". In the world full of gratuitous loathing , detestation and unwarranted abhorrence, education, not only can lead to greater sense of cosmic unity . Education is the only expedient for ensuring a better future , a future where folks rise above their narrow compartmentilisation and archaic mentality , a future where no child has commerce his childhood by begging , a future where every child is fed and a future where there's no one is is victimised . Education is not limited to any particular section of society. It is as fundamental as life. Everyone should be provided with a chance to get it, to get a basic tool by which they can shape themselves and the society. To deepen roots of education in every section of society, our constitution provides right of free and compulsory education to every kid, where no one can snap their right of getting it. Right To Education (RTE) act empowers the poor section and ensure that their kids can also get quality education and can push their limits. Unfortunately, most of government schemes doesn't reach true beneficiaries, including RTE. परमार्थ served as a link between government and deserving from past 4 years. It works on all fronts i.e pre admission, admission and post admission. Pre admission include survey of kids in slum who can be admitted in primary and class 1 and filling their admission forms with all the required documents. Once results of admissions are announced by lottery system, volunteers visit schools and do all admission formalities. We also fulfill other needs at time of admissions such as stationary, books, dress depending upon financial situation of parents. But, we are not finished with it yet, post admission include monitoring of kids so that no problem arises from any of sides, for this volunteers attend Parent Teachers meeting of every school. Till date परमार्थ has admitted more than 120 students in private schools through RTE. Dream of 120 eyes have been fulfilled which they might have seen while seeing school going kids. May someday getting education be no more a dream and every eye gets sparkle of education in it.

RTE Admission

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