The thought that why somebody is not doing anything comes very often in our mind, but the fact that we belong to that term of somebody is always ignored, on the same hand. Drops form the ocean and steps cover the miles. Changes start from us and परमार्थ always tries to be a part of change. Apart from imparting education to slum kids and women in regular LT and GE classes परमार्थ do a lot on social service front.
Major works and events that are done on social service front to bring a positive change in society on a regular basis are-

Cleanliness Event

It is organised every year in slums to aware the dwellers about the importance of cleanliness and hygiene and how they can prevent themselves from numerous diseases just by keeping their surrounding and place of living clean.

Blood Donation

It is organized once a year with help of a team of doctors who visits the college campus and students of IET donate their precious blood for someone for whom it will be priceless someday.

Menstrual Hygiene Awareness

Menstrual awareness is imparted to the teen girls and women of slum by the girl volunteers of the club. They are made aware about the importance of proper menstruation health and hygiene. Sanitary pads are also distributed to motivate and encourage them for its use.

Festival celebration

Club celebrates certain festivals of national and cultural importance in the slums with the slum dwellers. It is done to include them in celebrations along with their inclusion in mainstream society as they often feel left out when whole country celebrate festivals.

Medical Camps

Medical camps are organised in the slums on a definite interval to check medical well being of the slum residents. Immediate Medicines and treatments are provided by doctors in case of any outbreak of disease in slum.

Medical Help

Arrangement of ambulance, hospital, medicine, medical tests, etc. are carried out by the club for someone in need who is not capable of doing all these things on their own. Both financial and moral support is provided to families that are unable to carry out the expanses.

Awareness through Social Media

Club uses its social media platforms to aware common public on various issues including water awareness, air awareness, population awareness, food awareness, etc. through its content and posters. Club also aware people about the real importance of festival and what should be the responsibility in celebrating festivals in their true essence.

Social Surveys

Club also conduct various surveys digitally from time to time on health, education and wellness issues so that strategies can be well planned. Data are well recorded and campaigns are organised if needed.

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